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Straw Poll, May 1-7

This week’s Straw Poll: How do you feel about the Tupper Lake Police Department reducing its hours? - This poll is not scientific, and its ...

Death notice: Ursula Marie Brath Smith

Ursula M. Smith, 76, passed away on Nov. 13, 2021 at the Powder Springs Nursing Home and Rehab Facility in Georgia. She was born Ursula Brath in Leipa, ...

Death notice: Kimberley Loring Decker

Mark L. Ordway

Dangerous lies

Congrats to Thurston, thanks for votes

Makin’ the grade

A couple Fridays ago, the Winter Carnival Committee held a drawing for their fabulous raffle. And when I say fabulous, I mean fabulous, since the prize was a ...

Image of the Week

Swanston Cottage

Three elected to Saranac Lake school board

Tupper Lake school budget passes by eight votes

Are you traveling during Memorial Day weekend?

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